Soft Fern

A gentle, light gray-green with yellow undertones.

Soft Fern / Benjamin Moore 2144-40


The Basics

What are people saying about this color?

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This sage green color (please refer to actual color chip due to differences in computer monitors) is so versatile I have specified it for doctor's offices, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and home offices. It is well received by men and women, young and old alike. I would ask everyone who used it how their project turned out and I always got good feedback. It is restful and livable yet warm and interesting. It is a great mix of green and gray with an undertone of yellow.
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NOTE: I painted our guest room this color, and I swear to goodness it is the paint color people ask about the most when they come to our house! It’s a dreamy, soft green-gray that looks good with everything.

Soft Fern / Benjamin Moore 2144-40


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... the newest colour that is making a well noticed comeback is Soft Fern (2144-40), said Bergeron. It can be matched with warm neutrals, like Putnam Ivory and Pashmina, to lend a whole new outlook on this popular shade of green. What makes a trend is not only the colour itself but also the way it is used and the way it is paired in combination with other colours.

Soft Fern / Benjamin Moore 2144-40

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What kind of spaces does it work best in?

This shade is lovely in bedrooms, whether for adults or kids, guest room or primary bedroom. It would also be great in any room that would benefit from a bit more harmony.

Soft Fern / Benjamin Moore 2144-40


Where could you expect to see it?

I would love to see this in an doctor's or acupuncturist's office, or healing space of any kind. It would also be gorgeous in a plant store, surrounded by literal soft ferns!

Who shouldn't pick this color?

In rooms with low light or artificial light, this color can lean toward avocado. Check out a kitchen that was promptly repainted on

Any pro tips?

Given the yellow undertones, this might be a great shade for a north-facing room, given that those rooms have bluer toned light that would balance the hint of yellow.

What colors does it go well with?

Raccoon Hollow 978, Springfield Sage 510, Black Bean Soup 2130-10, Mt. Rainier Gray 2129-60, *via Benjamin Moore

What's the LRV?

57.57. LRV measures the Light Reflectance Value, meaning the percentage of light (0-100) that bounces off a surface. 100 being purest white and 0 being purest black. Like other light greens, Soft Fern has a fairly high LRV, meaning it reflects a fairly large amount of light.

Does it work as an exterior color?



Green, Gray, Light, Traditional, Medium

What are some similar popular colors?

Guilford Green, Saybrook Sage, Hollingsworth Green