This classic Americana shade is said to be similar to Benjamin Moore Million Dollar Red.

Red / Benjamin Moore 2000-10

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The Basics

What are people saying about this color?

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Simple and sophisticated, this pure classic red is rich and regal. Evocative of Chinese lacquer and lipstick, it adds an extravagant touch to any room in your home.
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When considering a red hue for exteriors, front doors have become a go-to for homeowners and a favorite exterior space perfect for showcasing deep colors against typically neutral hues. On this exterior porch, Red 2000-10 frames the windows against classic Simply White OC-117 wood siding. The result is subtle yet playful, a touch of creativity on a traditional exterior.

Red / Benjamin Moore 2000-10


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I have a red dining room and love it!! It is combined with antique white woodwork (lots), a hutch full of red and white transferware, and red with gold dot window treatments. It looks lovely by candlelight or west sunlight in the late afternoon. I get lots of compliments!

Red / Benjamin Moore 2000-10


What kind of spaces does it work best in?

Like most reds, the intensity would work best in extroverted spaces like dining rooms, front doors, or living rooms that host many guests.

Red / Benjamin Moore 2000-10


Where could you expect to see it?

This is a strong, pure red reminiscent of Coca-Cola, the American flag, Pop Art, and classic soda fountains. It has a touch of irony to it and is perfect used with a "wink," or a touch of humor.

Who shouldn't pick this color?

This is a special color that requires just the right space and personality, and there are plenty of places where it wouldn't be the right pick.

Any pro tips?

This red looks fabulous mixed with white in stripes, bringing the festivity of candy canes and paper straws and good cheer to any space that can handle the statement.

What colors does it go well with?

Brown Sugar 2112-20, Silver Song 1557, Nocturnal Gray 2135-30, Silent Night 1613, *via Benjamin Moore

What's the LRV?

12.4. LRV measures the Light Reflectance Value, meaning the percentage of light (0-100) that bounces off a surface. 100 being purest white and 0 being purest black. Like other [color family]s, Red has a [adjective] LRV, meaning it reflects a [adjective] amount of light.

Does it work as an exterior color?

Yes, and would be great for shutters, front doors, or window frames.


Red, Bold, Medium

What are some similar popular colors?

Caliente, Heritage Red, Dinner Party