A sophisticated shade with hints of blush and lilac that you're going to want to say "yes" to.

Proposal / Benjamin Moore AF-260


The Basics

What are people saying about this color?

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This Benjamin Moore hue is unique in its ability to make pink accessible to all. Proposal reads more blush than pink and positions itself as the mature older sister of the baby pink we all divorced decades ago. Pink has been reclaimed with the growing popularity of millennial pink and has been endorsed as a colour that can provide a neutral backdrop in interior spaces. Proposal is the perfect way to incorporate a trend into your bedroom without going overboard; this paint tone is trendy enough to satisfy your current colour craving and neutral enough to stand the test of time.
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The proposal is a soft and natural pink color that can be used in bedrooms, playrooms, or anywhere you need to create an inviting environment. By the way, this gentle hue won’t feel too artificial like some of its harsher counterparts; it has the perfect peachy touch for added versatility!

Proposal / Benjamin Moore AF-260

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Sugar softness imbues this sweet, romantic shade of soft pink, evoking thoughts of bridal veils, rose petals and silk organza.

Proposal / Benjamin Moore AF-260


What kind of spaces does it work best in?

Proposal is a toned down pink with gray undertones so it can be used in spaces like children’s rooms, or accent walls in a kitchen, laundry room or home office.

Proposal / Benjamin Moore AF-260


Where could you expect to see it?

Expect to find this chic pink mostly in girls' rooms, but designers are extending its reach by pairing it with rich greens, navys, grays, and blacks for a more versatile and unexpected modern look.

Who shouldn't pick this color?

If you want a more masculine or neutral feel, Proposal definitely has a feminine vibe.

Any pro tips?

"To get an idea of the undertones of any pink paint color, it’s easiest to look at the paint strip they come on. Look at the most saturated colors, and you will get a picture of what the undertones of the colors are.”

What colors does it go well with?

Proposal pairs well with a range of greens from earthy gray, sage greens to vibrant or dark hunter greens. Blacks, grays, navys and whites paired with pink are always classic.

What's the LRV?

71.69. LRV measures the Light Reflectance Value, meaning the percentage of light (0-100) that bounces off a surface. 100 being purest white and 0 being purest black. Like other light shades, Proposal has a fairly high LRV, meaning it reflects a fairly large amount of light.

Does it work as an exterior color?



Pink, Light, Bold, Traditional

What are some similar popular colors?

First Light, Pink Bliss, Tissue Pink