A super sophisticated just-right neutral that's technically a light peach.

Parchment / Benjamin Moore OC-78


The Basics

What are people saying about this color?

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Frances Elkins nailed the use of that blush/beige/flesh tone that makes a room glow. My favorite wall color is Benjamin Moore Parchment, a match from the book jacket of Stephen M. Salny’s Frances Elkins: Interior Design. The paint changes from pink to flesh, depending on the light.
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The wall color is Benjamin Moore Parchment. It is one of those colors that goes yellow-ish, peach-ish, but definitely warm and pretty.
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It shows up GREEN almost mint green in most rooms. I painted it in my spare bedrooms with oak floors and it really pulls green.

What kind of spaces does it work best in?

This is the perfect neutral for someone who might like the look of First Light or Proposal but prefer a more yellow shade, either because they have a north-facing room with more blue toned light, or because they prefer a hint of peach over a hint of pink.

Where could you expect to see it?

This color would add a subtle warm glow and sophistication anywhere. I'd love to see it in a bathroom, where it would flatter the skin, and balance the coolness of the water. I could picture it in a high end clothing boutique or minimalistic flower shop.

Who shouldn't pick this color?

Parchment brings a subtle feminine energy so wouldn't be the right fit for spaces that require more masculinity.

Any pro tips?

Put this shade on the walls and trim (and maybe even ceiling) for a cozy, immersive look.

What colors does it go well with?

Benjamin Moore didn't list any on their website, but I think this color would be beautiful with navy or charcoal.

What's the LRV?

82.13. LRV measures the Light Reflectance Value, meaning the percentage of light (0-100) that bounces off a surface. 100 being purest white and 0 being purest black. Like other light shades, Parchment has a very high LRV, meaning it reflects a very large amount of light.

Does it work as an exterior color?



White, Neutral, Pink, Orange, Traditional, Light

What are some similar popular colors?

Pink Damask, Head Over Heels, Peach Parfait