Cloud White

Cloud White is a beautiful, warm white with creamy undertones and is consistently one of Benjamin Moore’s top sellers.

Cloud White / Benjamin Moore OC-130

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The Basics

What are people saying about this color?

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What I love about Cloud White is that it’s a warm but not too yellow white that helps give our family room a cozy feel. It’s also bright but never stark and has none of the green undertones I’ve found with some other whites. It works beautifully with our wood media console, brass art frames, and everything else in our space.
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Cloud White is a soft warm white and falls in the middle of White Dove and Simply White. It has neutral undertones that makes it very versatile. This color can be used for both walls, trim, and even your ceiling!
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Cloud White has the airy sophistication that its name implies – a bright white with the complex, warm undertones of a white cloud on a sunny day. It’s a softened shade of white that imbues interiors with a sense of timelessness. Cloud White is ideal for both traditional and modern homes, creating a light and airy effect that’s never too stark. - Ring’s End

What kind of spaces does it work best in?

Cloud White looks best in areas that you want a clean, crisp look but also want to feel inviting and not too sterile. It’s an extremely versatile color that can pair well with light neutrals, dark navys, greys and cooler colors. Although Cloud white has creamy neutral undertones and pairs beautifully with earth tones, warmer colors like oranges, yellows and reds will highlight the yellow undertones.

Where could you expect to see it?

Cozy bedrooms, light and bright trims, family friendly living rooms, and exteriors. Cloud White looks great next to natural wood tones and really shines on furniture and shelving.

Who shouldn't pick this color?

Due to its creamy undertones, Cloud White will look a little more yellow in south-facing rooms and cooler in North facing rooms.

Any pro tips?

"Cloud white couples well with subtle and soft colours such as the Historical colours, like HC-172 Revere Pewter.  While Revere Pewter can also be used with a sharp white, like Chantilly Lace, there is a much softer affect when used with Cloud White. While this colour is popularly used for trim, it can also be applied for walls. The slightly stronger yellow undertone creates a warm and natural white colour for walls, trim ceiling and cabinetry!” - The Paint People

What colors does it go well with?

Iceberg 2122-50, Stone Brown 2112-30, Manchester Tan HC-81, Champion Cobalt 2061-20, *via Benjamin Moore

What's the LRV?

87.35. LRV measures the Light Reflectance Value, meaning the percentage of light (0-100) that bounces off a surface. 100 being purest white and 0 being purest black. Like other whites, Cloud White has a high LRV, meaning it reflects a lot of light.

Does it work as an exterior color?

Yes. Cloud White works beautifully as an exterior color and gives great contrast when paired with navy, black or darker trim accents but also works well with earth tone neutral trim colors.


White, Traditional, Light

What are some similar popular colors?

White Dove, Chantilly Lace, White Heron